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The Best Recruitment Agency In Melbourne

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The Job Factory is the most effective new-style recruitment agency in Melbourne. We help job seekers use the most effective job-finding strategy that exists. Our results speak for themselves. We measure our success in days, hours and even minutes. No other recruitment company comes close to our success.

If you are looking for a recruitment company that will give you the best chance of getting a job contact us today. Our strategy is simple. We will get your resume out to hundreds of potential employers in a single day in search of a job.

If you are looking for an accounting, bookkeeping or audit job, forget recruitment agencies that claim to specialise in accounting jobs. Every job they advertise will have more than 300 applicants. Your chance of getting the job will be extremely low.

We can help you find virtually any kind of job – and we do it fast. Have a read of the Testimonials page to find out how fast we are able to find jobs for clients.

The job factory is the most effective recruitment agency in Melbourne.

The best cover letter and resumes

We can also create a cover letter and resume that will give you the best chance of getting a job.

Our writers have written more cover letters and resumes than nearly any other writers in Australia. The Job Factory is owned by Australian journalist Craig Binnie and it only employs the best writers. No one can give you a better chance of getting a job.