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We give our clients more chance of getting an Information Technology job than tradition recruitment agencies. Finding any kind of IT job – helpdesk support, software testing or developing, networking – is easier than most people think.

We find jobs for our clients before anyone else knows they exist. There are hundreds of IT job vacancies advertised every week and we only have to find one position before it is advertised to give you a great advantage over other job seekers.

Normally, IT jobs are among the hardest jobs to find because they are being outsourced in massive numbers. But our job-finding strategy makes it easy to find a job. If you wait until a job has been advertised or is offered by a IT job recruitment company you will have to compete with other job seekers and your chances of getting the job will be minimal.

The decision is easy: Would you rather apply for a job that no one else knows about or a job that is advertised and will have 200 or more applicants battling for one position?  The answer is obvious and this is why the Job Factory is better than a recruitment company – because we represent the job seeker – not the employers who are looking for staff.

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To see why we are the best job-finding agency in Australia read some of the hundreds of screenshot messages we have published on out Testimonials page above. Many of IT job seekers are overseas-born and had been looking for Information Technology and helpdesk jobs for months before they came to us.

If you need an IT or helpdesk job fast, contact us today to find out how we can help you find one.

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