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We can find administration jobs in Melbourne and administration job in Sydney – or anywhere else in Australia – fast. Admin and office jobs are among the easist jobs to find with our help. We have been able to find administration jobs for hundreds of clients, many within a few days.

The best way to measure our success is to look at the Testimonials page above to see comments made by our past clients.

The reason that The Job Factory is able to find administration jobs for our clients so easily is because we do the opposite of recruitment companies. We act for job seekers rather than employers.

Our strategy is extremely simple, but stunningly effective. You can even do it without our help if you want to save money.

Our first step is to create a flawless cover letter and resume. There is no point applying for jobs with defective documents. You can either prepare your own documents or we can do it for you.

The second step is even more simple. We will provide you with a list of 1500 companies in your state. You can even ask for companies in particular industries such as manufacturing companies or law firms. All you need to do is delete the companies that are too far away from you and send the rest back to us.

We will then send your cover letter and resume to all of the companies that you have left on your list. We only need one of these companies to have a vacancy that they have not yet advertised to give you an amazing chance of getting that job.

If you are the only person who is interviewed then the employer will probably be asking whether you can do the job rather than whether you are the best out of the other 100 applicants.

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The great thing about looking for an office job is that often no previous experience is required. Anyone can apply for basic admin jobs.

There is no guarantee that anyone will call you, but if they don’t then we can try again. We can give you another list of 1500 companies and repeat the process. Clients who continue sending out their resumes rarely fail to get a job.

It all sounds simple – and it is. Once again, read the hundreds of messages of thanks on our Testimonials page to get an idea how effective we are at finding jobs.

We can find virtually any kind of office jobs ranging from entry level administration jobs to office managers or executive assistants. We can find administration jobs in Melbourne, administration jobs in Sydney or any other city.

So, if you want to find any kind of administration or office job in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or anywhere else, contact us today to find out how we can help.