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Accounting jobs in Melbourne | Finance jobs in Melbourne

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If you are looking for an accounting job in Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia, we can help you try to find one fast.

We offer one of the quickest and easiest ways to find accounting, bookkeeping or any other finance-related jobs. Our clients often start getting calls from employers the same day that we start looking for a job for them.

The key to our success is the simplicity of our strategy. And the proof of our success can be seen in the hundreds of messages of thanks that we have published on our testimonials page above. Very few recruitment companies come close to our success.

The reason we succeed at getting jobs for our clients is that we find jobs before they are advertised. It’s crazy to think that the best way to find work is by applying for jobs once they are advertised. Most accounting jobs attract more than 300 applicants. The odds of getting a job once it is advertised are very low.

We get you access to jobs before they are advertised. Our clients get jobs that never hit job sites or get handed to recruitment companies. And the best news is, that you don’t have to be the best candidate to get a job with our help – you just need to be good enough to do the job.

We charge a fee for our services and the details can be found by clicking on the costs tab above.

So, if you would prefer to find an accounting job in Melbourne before it’s advertised contact us today.

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Step 1

Do you want an accounting, bookkeeping or audit job? We can find all of them.

Step 2

Do you have a good resume and great cover letter? If you need help, we can create a set of documents that will make you shine.

Step 3

What city do you want a job in? We can search anywhere in Australia or even New Zealand and several other countries.


Once we have the answers to the questions above, we are ready to start. Our strategy is simple. If you want an accounting job in Melbourne, we will send your cover letter and resume to up to 1500 companies in search of vacancies. We only need to find one vacancy to give you an amazing chance of success. It really is that simple. If you are the only person who is interviewed, the job will probably be yours if you can show that you are capable.

Most of our successful clients get responses from the companies that we approach the same day or the day after we send out their resumes. However, if you don’t get any positive replies at all we can try again. We can give you another list of 1500 companies and send out your resume again.

If you keep sending out your resume, your chance of success is extremely high – and we don’t have to stop until you get a job.

Accounting jobs in Melbourne | Finance jobs in Melbourne

Bookkeeping jobs in Melbourne | Audit jobs in Melbourne

Graduate accounting jobs in Melbourne

There are thousands of accounting jobs advertised at any one time. But the number of applicants is always high. It is extremely common for advertised accounting jobs to attract more than 300 applicants making your chance of success almost nil.

So, even if you are qualified and good at your job it will still be difficult to get noticed. Chances are, no one will even look at your resume – the first 50 resumes that were opened were probably all qualified too.

This is why it’s so difficult to find accounting, bookkeeping or another other finance-related jobs in Melbourne. So, if you want help finding an accounting, bookkeeping or other finance-related job in Melbourne contact us today.