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How to find sponsorship jobs

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We have been able to find sponsorship for clients in Australia and New Zealand in a wide range of industries including accounting, nursing and aged care.

It is still extremely difficult to find employers who are willing to sponsor employees. But we are able to extend your search to hundreds or even thousands of potential employers within a short period of time. We showcase your skills and qualifications and send them to employers in search of a job that comes with sponsorship opportunities.

We give you a better chance of finding sponsorship than anyone else

There are two main reasons that it is difficult to find jobs with sponsorship.

Overseas born job seekers continually send employers poorly written letters and resumes when applying for a job. If you send a cover letter or resume that contains silly mistakes or that is badly worded your job application will be deleted immediately. Do not use substandard cover letters or resumes to apply for a job. We can with the best cover letter and resume for you. Our cover letters and resumes have already helps hundreds of our clients to get jobs.

You are competing with local job seekers. As soon as a job is advertised it will start attracting applicants and most of them will be locals. Very few employers will pick an applicant who wants sponsorship when there are other applicants that don’t require special conditions. This is why it is so important that sponsorship-seeking job hunters try to find jobs before they are advertised. And this is why we can find sponsorship for our clients better than anyone else.

We contact employers in search of jobs that have not been advertised. If we succeed at finding a job before it is advertised the employer is more likely to consider someone who also seeks sponsorship. If the employer does not need to advertise their job then they save on the advertising costs. In return all they have to do is offer to sponsor the employee.

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Finding employers who are willing to offer sponsorship is extremely difficult. The search can take many weeks depending on the job. The easiest jobs to find sponsors for are nursing and aged care jobs.

While many employers refuse to even consider sponsoring workers, others can see the benefits. They know that if they sponsor an employee that the employee will stay with their company for several years. Having staff that are loyal and who will remain with the company is a big attraction to employers.

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