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Accounting and bookkeeping jobs are among the easiest jobs to find in Australia. We are often able to find accounting and bookkeeping jobs within just a few days for clients.

To get an idea of the speed that we have been able to find accounting jobs in Melbourne and accounting jobs in Sydney, have a look at the Testimonials page above. You will see messages from hundreds of former clients who we have helped to get interviews or jobs.

Our strategy is very simple. Our goal is to find jobs for our clients before they are advertised. Job seekers who only apply for jobs once they have been advertised will usually find themselves competing with more than 100 other people for a position. Only a few will make it to the interview stage and only one will get the job. The likelihood of you being the best of 100 is very low.

We have found hundreds of entry-level and senior accounting jobs in companies and accounting firms for our clients. We have also helped clients who are currently employed find new or better jobs by sending their resumes out in search of an accounting job with better conditions, wages or more chance of advancement.

To improve their chances of finding a job fast many of our clients will expand their job search to also include bookkeeping jobs. However other clients have sought more senior jobs such as management accountants or audit positions.

Accounting jobs are among the easiest jobs to find because there are so many of them. It is also a job that recent graduates can get quite easily because many companies provide training.


Our strategy is very simple.

The first, and most important, step is to make sure that you have a great resume and even better cover letter. If you apply for jobs with documents that contain mistakes you will probably be among the first applicants to have your application deleted. If you do not have a perfect resume and cover letter – or if you cannot write them yourself – we can do it for you. We only use the best writers to work on resumes for our clients.

Once your documents are perfected we will give you a list of up to 1500 companies in your state. All you have to do is delete the companies that are outside of a comfortable commuting distance.

We will then send your resume and cover letter to the remaining companies to ask them if they have any suitable vacancies. We might end up sending your resume to 500 small, medium and large companies – and we only have to find one with a vacancy to give you an amazing chance of getting that job.

If an employer contacts you it will most likely mean that they have not yet advertised their position. If they had advertised their vacancy already, they would have 100 applicants and would not need another one. If someone calls you, it also means that they will have read your resume and made a decision that they believe you can do their job.

Bookkeeping jobs in Melbourne | Bookkeeping jobs in Sydney

Bookkeeping jobs in Perth | Bookkeeping jobs in Brisbane

Bookkeeping jobs in Adelaide | Bookkeeping jobs in Darwin

We have found bookkeeping and accounting jobs in Melbourne, Sydney and all other Australian states for clients. Accounting and bookkeeping jobs really are among the easiest jobs to find in Australia.

Our strategy works for entry level accounting jobs, assistant accounting jobs, senior accounting and audit jobs as well as entry level bookkeeping jobs and more experienced bookkeeping jobs.

We can find any of these jobs in nearly any city.

So, if you are looking for an accounting job in Melbourne or an accounting job in Sydney, or any other city in Australia, we can help. Contact us today to find out how easy it really is to get an accounting or bookkeeping job.