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If you want a lawyer or law graduate job we can help you find one. It is not uncommon for us to secure interviews for law graduates within hours of them enlisting our help.

Yes, it’s difficult to believe, but it is not a claim that we would make to law graduates unless it was true. You can see proof of the speed at which we are able to find lawyer jobs by clicking on the Testimonials page above.

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We can also find paralegal, law clerk or any other lawyer jobs.

Our strategy is simple. We try to find jobs before they are advertised. If you seek the help of traditional recruitment agencies or only apply for advertised jobs you will always be competing with others for a job.

If you find a job before it is advertised, and if you are the only person who is interviewed, your chances of getting the job will be significantly greater.

We will send your resume to potentially hundreds of law firms in search of a suitable job. If they are interested, they will contact you directly. You will no longer have wait until a job is advertised and then apply for it along with all the other desperate graduates trying to find work.

That’s why we are able to get clients interviews so fast. So if you are looking for a law graduate job, a paralegal job or any other lawyer job contact The Job Factory today – we are better than a recruitment agency.

A great cover letter and resume will help you get a lawyer job

We can also help you create a cover letter and resume that is so simple and effective that employers will be confident that you are worth interviewing.

We don’t offer a guarantee that you will get a job, but we are confident that you will be happy with the results.

If you want a lawyer job, law graduate job,  legal assistant or paralegal job we can help you find one fast. You do not need to look at lawer job postings to find a job because we find them before they are advertised. People who wait for a law job posting will miss out.