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If you are looking for an aged care job, you are one of the luckiest job seekers in Australia. Personal care assistant and assistant in nursing jobs are possibly the easiest jobs to find in Australia. We often find aged care jobs in Melbourne and aged care jobs in Sydney and every other Australian city within a day for our clients.

The proof can be found on our Testimonials page – this is the first page on our website that you should read if you want to know how easy it really is to find aged care jobs.

It often takes  just a few hours to be called in for an interview when you enlist our help to find care worker jobs of any kind: AIN jobs in Sydney Or Brisbane, PCA jobs in Melbourne, disability support worker or nursing jobs in any Australian city.

If you have searched for aged care vacancies on job websites then you will know that there is no shortage of aged care or nursing jobs. There are new aged care and nursing jobs being posted on job sites every day. We can help you get one of these jobs fast.

The reason we are more successful than recruitment agencies at finding aged care jobs is because we do not make you compete with dozens of other job seekers. Our goal is to find aged care jobs for our clients before they are advertised. Imagine how easy it would be to get a job if you were the only person who was being interviewed.

Our strategy is extremely simple, but it is also possibly the easiest and fastest way to get an aged care job.

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The first step in your search for an aged care worker job is to make sure that you have a great cover letter and resume. If you don’t have great documents then you will be wasting your time applying for any job. We can make your documents great, or you can do it yourself.

We will then send you a list of more than 400 nursing homes (or hospitals if you are looking for a nursing job) in your city. All you have to do is select the nursing homes that are within commuting distance and we will do the rest.

We will email your cover letter and resume to all of the nursing homes that you have selected asking them if they have any PCA or AIN vacancies. We only need to find one with a vacancy that has not yet been advertised to give you an amazing chance of getting that job. If we send your resume to 20 per cent of the nursing homes in your city then it is possible that we will reach 20 per cent of the upcoming jobs.

The choice is simple – don’t keep losing $200 a day while you are unemployed. Contact us and start the hunt for your new job today.

We can find an aged care jobs in any city including aged care jobs in Adelaide, aged care jobs in Brisbane, aged care jobs in Perth, aged care jobs in Melbourne and aged care jobs in Sydney.

And, if you are looking for a nursing home or hospital that can offer you sponsorship then we can also help. We have helped many clients get sponsorship within a very short time in Australian nursing homes and hospitals.

Getting sponsorship in a nursing home or hospital is a lot easier than many people think.