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Can you help find me a job in Melbourne?

We can help you get a job in virtually any profession in Melbourne.

If you apply for a job once it is advertised on a job site you will have to be the best of, perhaps, 100 applicants to be successful. What are the chances of being the best of 50 or 100 job seekers? If you wait until a job is advertised you are simply wasting your time. Every day you remain unemployed you are losing money. That’s why we find jobs for our clients fast.

We find jobs in Melbourne for clients before they are advertised. Our clients do not have to compete against 50 others – they are often the only ones who are interviewed. If their skills and qualifications match those being sought by the employer then they are offered the job.

We work for clients who want to jump to the front of the employment queue and maximise their chance of success. We are faster, cheaper and better than any job agency.

Our process is simple. We work with you to pick the most suitable job and employers. Your resume will then be instantly provided to the personnel managers at hundreds of employers in the profession that you are seeking a job. The employers will be as close to the area in which you live as you prefer. The employers that have job vacancies can contact our clients directly to set up an interview. And if you are the only one interviewed you have an amazing change of getting the job.

You no longer have to waste time applying for hundreds of jobs only to receive countless rejection letters. Only the employers who are satisfied with your skills, qualifications and experience will contact you.

This is an incredibly fast and easy way to get a job in Melbourne – and the results are amazing. You could have a job tomorrow.

We can also:

  •  Check and fix your resume to ensure it is well-written and the English and grammar is correct.
  • Create a perfectly-written cover letter for your job applications so that employers give your application top priority.

Users of our service often get calls from employers within a day or two – sometimes within minutes. It is not uncommon for clients to start working the same day that we send out their resume in search of a job.

Our service works because the employers will be calling you with job offers.

So, if you need a job in Melbourne fast email us at jobs@thejobfactory.com.au or phone Craig on 0433 11 4847 today.











We can find virtually any type of job in Melbounre but these are a few

Accountant, air steward, animator, assistant, author, baker, biologist, builder, butcher, career counselor, caretaker, chef, civil servant, clerk, computer programmer, cook, decorator, dentist, designer, doctor, economist, editor, electrician, engineer, executive, farmer, film director, flight attendant, garbage man, geologist, hairdresser, head teacher, jeweler, journalist, judge, bookkeeper, juggler, lawyer, lecturer, lexicographer, library assistant, magician, makeup artist, manager, miner, musician, nurse, optician, painter, personal assistant, photographer, pilot, plumber, police officer, politician, porter, printer, prison officer / warder, receptionist, sailor, salesperson, scientist, secretary, shop assistant, sign language Interpreter, singer, soldier, solicitor, surgeon, tailor, teacher, telephone operator, telephonist, translator, travel agent, trucker, TV cameraman, TV presenter, vet, waiter, web designer, writer, Computer Systems Analyst, Physician, Database Administrator, Software Developer, Physical Therapist, Dental Hygienist, Occupational Therapist, School Psychologist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Mechanical Engineer, Veterinary Technologist & Technician, Epidemiologist, IT Manager, Market Research Analyst, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Computer Systems Administrator, Respiratory Therapist, Medical Secretary, Substance Abuse Counselor, Speech-Language Pathologist, Landscaper & Groundskeeper, Radiologic Technologist, Cost Estimator, Financial Advisor, Marriage & Family Therapist, Medical Assistant, Lawyer, Compliance Officer, High School Teacher, Clinical Laboratory Technician, Maintenance & Repair Worker, Financial Manager, Recreation & Fitness Worker, Insurance Agent, Elementary School Teacher, Management Analyst, Home Health Aide, Pharmacy Technician, Construction Manager, Public Relations Specialist, Massage Therapist, Paramedic, Hairdresser, Patrol Officer, Executive Assistant, Personal Care Aide, Clinical Social Worker, Business Operations Manager, Loan Officer, Meeting, Convention & Event Planner, Mental Health Counselor, Nursing Aide, Sales Representative, Architect, HR Specialist, Real Estate Agent, Glazier, Customer Service Representative, Logistician, Auto Mechanic, Bus Driver, Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Paralegal, Cement Mason & Concrete Finisher, Sports Coach, Teacher Assistant, Brickmason & Blockmason Help me find jobs in Melbourne Help me find a job in Melbourne I need a job in Melbourne I want a job in Melbourne Melbourne jobs,

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