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The Job Factory offers the most effective way to find a job in Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia. We give you a better chance of finding a job fast than traditional recruitment agencies.

We can find virtually any type of job – administration, accounting, aged care, engineering, IT, nursing, bookkeeping  or finance – in Adelaide

The reason that it is often difficult to get a job is that most jobs attract more than 100 applicants as soon as they are advertised. Our aim is to find a job before it is advertised so that our clients are the only person who is interviewed.

If you have got the skills and you are the only person who is interviewed, then you have got a great chance of getting the job.  This is why we are better at finding jobs than traditional recruitment companies.

It sounds too good to be true, but our strategy is simple. Check the Testimonials page above to read hundreds of screenshots of messages from previous clients to get a glimpse at how fast we have been able to find jobs. We talk in days and hours instead of weeks and months.

Keep in mind that we do charge a fee for our job-finding service, but also remember that every day that you are out of work you are losing money.

You need a killer cover letter and a good resume

Our strategy is similar to cold calling. The most important first step is to make sure that you have a killer cover letter and resume. If you can’t make these documents yourself, we will do the work for you. The Job Factory is owned by Australian journalist Craig Binnie and we only employ the best writers.

Once we have got your documents sorted out, we will ask you the type of job that you want and start emailing it to hundreds of employers in the industries that you want to work. We can also target employers in a particular location.

All we need to do is find one employer, out of the hundreds that we contact, to have a vacancy. If we succeed, then you will have an amazing chance of getting that job. We get employers to call you with job offers instead of the other way around.

The fastest way to find a job in Adelaide

And when they do call you, they are asking whether you can do the job; not whether you are the best out of the 100 job seekers who also applied for the job.

Adelaide is one of the easiest cities in Australia in which to get a job. Aged care jobs are the easiest jobs to get, followed by administration and accounting jobs. However, we are able to find virtually any job including law jobs, engineering jobs, IT and general duties jobs.

We don’t guarantee a result, but we do not believe that there is an easier way to get a job.

If you need our help to find a job fast, email us or call us today.