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Recruitment agencies are a waste of time for most job seekers. They are often staffed by unskilled and inexperienced people who spend their days passing judgement on job seekers. Recrutiment agencies and their satff are deceitful and often place fake job advertisments to build large databases of job seekers so that they can mislead employers about how many people call them looking for jobs.

Unfortunately, most people to are looking for jobs will probably run into recruitment agencies. These recruitment companies act for employers and for themselves – they DO NOT act for you.

The role of a recruitment agency is to find the best person for the job. They are either paid a one-off fee by the employer or an ongoing percentage of your wages.

The Job Factory never receives any money from any employer. We only act for you – the job seeker.

Recruitment agencies will advertise a job on behalf of the company they are representing and will sort through the applications. Eventually they will carry out interviews and present a shortlist of job seekers to the employer for the final selection.

The difficulty with this process is that you will simply be one of, perhaps, hundreds of applicants and, unless you are the best, you will not be selected for this job. It does not matter if you are good enough to do the job – you have to be the best.

The other way recruitment agencies source staff for the employers they work for is by placing fake ads on job websites. A significant proportion of ads you will see on most reputable job sites are fake.

The reason is simple – recruitment agencies like to have large numbers of job seekers on their books. This way they can approach employers and tell them that they have lots of job seekers as current clients. In other words, by advertising fake jobs, they make themselves look large and reputable in the eyes of employers. But in actual fact all they are doing is playing with the lives of job seekers by wasting their time and getting their hopes up by publishing fake ads for jobs that do not exist.

We give you a better chance of getting a job than a recruitment agency

The Job Factory only acts for its clients. We have no relationship with any employers.

This means that we try to make sure that you are the only one who is interviewed for a job because when this happens, as long as you are qualified, you will have a great chance of getting it.