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People with disabilities often find it difficult to find jobs. The reason is obvious. If an employer has a choice between an able-bodied or a disabled person it is a big step to pick the disabled job applicant.

But there are still thousands of jobs suitable for people with disabilities. The Job Factory has helped people with disabilities get jobs fast. The reason we are so successful at finding jobs for disabled workers is that we find them before they are advertised. If you wait until a job is advertised then you will have to compete with hundreds of other job seekers for that job.

And, as we all know, that probably means the odds will be against the disabled job seeker.

The trick to our success is that we find jobs before they are advertised. If an employer does not already have any applicants for their job, they are more likely to consider someone who has a disability as long as that person can do the job. The reason is simple. Many employers are happy to take on someone with a disability; but the choice is made easier when they do not have to pick between an able-bodied person and someone with a disability.

Put yourself in the place of an employer. If you had the choice between two people – one with a disability and one without a disability – which one would you choose?

We find jobs for the disabled faster than most Disabilities Support Services

Our strategy should be used in conjunction with all other traditional methods of searching for a job. Clients should continue applying for jobs advertised online and also continue talking to services for the disabled job seeker and traditional recruitment agencies. But if you are looking for a faster and better way to find a job contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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