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Migrants often have trouble finding jobs in Australia for a variety of reasons. These can include a lack of local experience, poor English, heavy accents and hard-to-pronounce names.

Some of these issues are more of a problem than others, and many are easily solvable.

In our experience, the most common mistake new Australians make is to present themselves badly. More than 80 per cent of cover letters and resumes written by overseas-born job seekers have mistakes in them. A large percentage have mistakes in the first line of their cover letter.

Some of our clients had been applying for jobs for months with shocking documents, filled with mistakes, before they came to us. Their job applications would have been deleted before the employer had finished reading the first sentence. We helped many of these job seekers get jobs within a few days, which means they wasted months and lost thousands of dollars because they had been sending out sloppy, unprofessional documents.

We cannot stress enough the importance of a high-quality cover letter and resume. In some cases we will refuse to take on clients who insist on using substandard documents because we know that their chances of getting a job are low.

Get rid of your accent

Some new Australians have poor English and others have terrible accents. Your performance on the phone when an employer calls is going to determine whether or not you are invited in for an interview. If you get calls from employers, but find yourself being told you do not have the right skills or that there is not a job available then there is a chance that your English skills or accent has turned off the caller. Unfortunately there is no easy solution to this problem.

If you are still learning English and have a choice of English teacher, make sure the teacher is western-born – Australian, American, British, Canadian etc. Learning from a native of your own country who was taught English by a westerner can result in a bad accent or poor language skills.

If your accent is the problem, then start watching more television and mix with more locals. Practice is the only remedy.

Be secure and confident

Confidence is vital when going for a job and during interviews. If your phone manner is timid or you talk in whispers you can easily lose the confidence of the interviewer. And employers are not going to be encouraged if you are slow to reply to questions. Don’t be scared of employers – if they have a vacant position all you need to do is convince them of your abilities to do that job. You also need to present a personality that will fit into the workplace.

Speak with confidence and make your interviewer realise that you know your stuff.

Think about a new name

There is no need for anyone to change their name to a western name. However, in some cases, it can be an advantage. If your name is hard to pronounce or if it has an embarrassing western meaning then adopting a western name might be a wise move.

It is human nature to avoid embarrassing situations. An employer considering which of two equally-qualified applicant should be called in for an interview might decide to call “John” simply because he cannot pronounce “Jynrephucg”.

You don’t need local experience

Local experience is important in some industries, but not so much in others. If you have been unsuccessfully applying for administration jobs without local experience this is probably not the reason you have had trouble. If you can send an email or make an excel spreadsheet in India or China then you can also do it here. Tax accounting is one area that local experience is definitely beneficial. But don’t worry too much – everyone starts off with no experience and works their way up the corporate ladder.

Your lack of local experience is probably not the reason that you have been unable to get a job. Chances are, the reason is that you are competing against locals – and that is different to not having local experience. If an employer has advertised a job and has 100 applicants, of course, there is a good chance that they are going to pick someone with relevant, local experience. But if they have not advertised the job, and only have one applicant who is capable of doing the job, then that applicant is obviously going to have a good chance of getting the job. That’s why using The Job Factory to find jobs is a smart move for  Indian job seekers.

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There is no need to look for jobs specific to any nationality. The Job Factory is able to find reputable jobs in western companies for Indian or any other overseas-born workers.