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Aged care jobs in Melbourne

Aged care jobs are among the easiest jobs to find in Melbourne. It can take us as little as one day to secure interviews with nursing homes in Melbourne for our clients.

The way we find aged care jobs is so simple that it is hard to believe, but the proof of our amazing results can be found by clicking on the testimonials tab above. You will see hundreds of screenshots of conversations with happy clients. Many got interviews within minutes of us beginning our search for an aged care (personal care assistant) job in Melbourne for them.

Nursing jobs and other care jobs

Nursing jobs and other care just such as disability support worker jobs are also easy to find. We can search for nursing jobs in private or public hospitals as well as nursing homes. Nursing students are particularly in demand with nursing homes.

Finding nursing homes and hospitals that offer sponsorship

We have been able to find nursing homes and hospitals that will sponsor personal care assistants and nurses. Aged care and nursing jobs are the only jobs in Australia for which it is relatively easy to find a sponsor.

By sponsoring an employee, the nursing home or hospital knows that they have an employee who will stick around. This reassurance can make a sponsored employee even more attractive than a local employee who could leave at any time

We are faster and better than aged care recruitment companies

Our aim is to get you an interview within a few days. But if you don’t find work immediately, we can keep trying. We can keep looking for a job until you get one.

The way we find jobs is simple. We provide you with a list of more than 400 nursing homes (and/or hospitals depending on the job you want) and let you select the nursing homes that are within driving distance of your home. Once you have done this, we will send your cover letter and resume to all of the nursing homes that you have selected.

If the selected nursing homes have any vacancies, they have the option of looking at your details and deciding whether to call you in for an interview. Most clients select about 80 nursing homes in their area which gives them a huge chance of finding a vacancy that has not been advertised.

By finding a vacancy before it has been advertised, our clients do not have to be the best applicant – they only need to be able to show that they are capable of doing the job.

So, if you are looking for a personal care assistant job in Melbourne or a nursing job in Melbourne give us a call to find out how we can help you.

We charge a fee for our services, but this cost is less than one days’ wages.

How we find aged care jobs so easily…

Step 1.

Tell us what type of job you want: personal care assistant or nursing.

Step 2

What city do you want to work in: We can find aged care and nursing jobs in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and all other Australian states.

Step 3

You will need an amazing cover letter and great resume: If you don’t already have them, we can help you.

Why can’t I find an aged care job

Even if you are fully qualified and have great skills, it is still difficult to get a job in aged care if you apply for jobs after they have been advertised. The reason is because that once a job has been advertised it will easily attract more than 100 applicants. With 100 people competing for a single position, your chances of success are not so great. There is a good chance that no one will even read your resume if the first applicants they look at can do the job.

With our strategy, you will probably be the only person who is considered for the job because we aim to find jobs before they are advertised or given to recruitment agencies.

Finding an aged care job in Melbourne is easy. Let us help you find one today.