The key to a larger pay packet is often to switch employers. Staying with the same company can lead to wage stagnation unless you have a generous boss.

The reason many people choose to stay with the same company, even when they are not totally happy, is fear of the unknown or complacency.

We are also bombarded with news about how difficult it can be to find a job. But the truth is that if you really want to find work, you can – and it really doesn’t matter how many or few skills you have.

Our strategy for finding jobs for clients makes everything easy. Our successful clients usually secure interviews within a few days and commonly within a few hours. But our success rate is not 100%.

Our strategy is perfect for people who already have jobs but who would like to explore other opportunities. Some of our clients have used us to find a succession of jobs in quite a short time and enabled them to skip several steps in their career progression.

Our process is simple and is based on numbers. We make lists of potential employers and email out clients’ resumes to them enquiring about vacancies.

So, if someone wanted a job in aged care, we would use a list of several hundred nursing homes. If someone wanted an administration job, we would use a list of more than 1000 companies in a cross section of industries.

When we email a resume out, we only need to find one vacancy out of hundreds of companies. When our clients get calls it usually means that the job has not been advertised which makes it extremely easy for our clients to be successful. If a job has already been advertised, the employer would already have more than 100 applicants and would probably not be seeking any more.

This is the easiest way to access the so-called hidden job market.