An employer sent us this email. This is another reason The Job Factory has so much success at getting jobs for its clients:

Hi Craig,

“Over the years I have employed dozens of people, and wonder if an employer’s perspective is also of value to you?

As an employer of staff my last preference was to employ somebody sent by a traditional recruitment agency. Purely for reasons of cost. Agencies charge me 12 to 25% of the annual salary package of the person being employed. That amounted $7,000 to $25,000 dollars per person I would have to pay the agency. That money came out of my salary budget, so it was either less I could pay the new recruit, or less to distribute across the team at annual review time.
So I loved it when I already had a CV from a job applicant before an agency also sent me their CV. Not only did it tell me that the person had initiative and not hope that other people would find a job for them, it let me tell the agency that I knew the application before their introduction, and so would be employing the individual directly, and not be using the agency service.

Even better was when I had enough good CVson my desk to screen and interview. Only if there was nobody suitable after screening and interviewing would I advertise the position, opening the floodgates to numerous recruiters telling me they had the ideal candidate. Never would I go to a recruitment agency asking them to find me a candidate for a particular position.”