One of the greatest fears that a parent has is that their children won’t prosper. Will they be able to buy a house? Will they find a good life partner? Will they get a good job?
The Job Factory gives parents (and grandparents) the ability to help their children find a job – or even switch to a better job.
We are proactive job seekers. We get employers to call your children to invite them in for an interview. We make finding a job easy.
Our process is simple and involves only commonsense.
It’s a two-step process. First, we need to ensure your child has a good resume and an even better cover letter. Employers will usually read the cover letter first. And you can’t afford to have a single mistake in it.
Secondly, we make a list of hundreds of potential employers – up to 1500 or more. And then we email them your child’s details to ask if they have any vacancies.
We only need to find one vacancy out of the hundreds to give your child a chance.
Keep in mind that employers will probably only call if they have not advertised their job. If they have advertised their vacancy already, then they will already have hundreds of applicants and definitely won’t be looking for more.
Our strategy uses logic. Is it better to apply for jobs advertised on Seek along with everyone else? Or is it better to try to find a job before everyone else hears about it? Is it better to be one of 100 applicants or the only applicant?
We can work with parents and start the process without the involvement of the child; however they will need to be informed before we start sending out their resume so that they are prepared for the phone calls.
Your child’s job will affect the rest of their life. It will determine the house they can afford, the holidays that they have and the quality of life that they lead. It will also have an impact on the lives of their children.
But don’t take our word for it. Visit our website and read some of the hundreds of screenshots we have published of conversations with clients that secured interviews and jobs – most within a few days and many within hours.