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If you need a job, we can help you find one fast. If you have been looking for a job for more than a week or two then you have a problem. It often takes us less than a week to get jobs for our clients. Our success is due to the fact that we can help find jobs before they are advertised. Once a job is advertised it is too late. Your chances are low. That’s why people take months to get a job. We are not a job agency that collects hundreds of resumes and sends a dozen people to every job interview. We care about our clients and work to maximize your chance of getting work fast. Our clients are often the only people interviewed for jobs. The Job Factory offers one of the best and fastest ways to find a job in Australia. You do not have to compete with 50 or 100 other job seekers any more. We will get you to the front of the queue. Our clients often receive calls from employers within hours and have job offers within a day or two. If you want a job call us today. Our fee starts as low as $100. We can find virtually any job, but for a list of some of the job types we can get click here



We can help with virtually any job search. If you are looking for a job that is not on our lists we can still help. Call us with details of the type of job you want and we will tell you if we can help.


We can find jobs for PCAs, AINs, cleaners, receptionists, cooks and kitchen staff. Users of our service seeking PCA jobs usually start getting calls from employers within hours.


Accountants and bookkeepers using our job-finding service have been stunned by the results. “I never thought it was possible to get a job this fast,” one successful job finder said.


We can find jobs for receptionists and other administration or office jobs in a wide range of industries including small businesses, multi-national companies, nursing homes, accountants’ offices, schools, doctors and dental surgeries.


  • “Thank you so much. I had been looking for a PCA job for nearly 6 months. I got an interview 3 hours after using your service and started my PCA job a day later.” –Chinese student – aged 24

  • "I just got a call from an accounting firm. I have an interview tomorrow. I can’t believe this worked. Thank you so much." –Text from accountant who had been looking for work for six weeks.

  • "I just got one phone call. They asked me to go in tomorrow morning." –Text from NSW woman who had been looking for an AIN job for "too long"

  • "I got the job. Oh my God. I can’t believe it. My dream has come true. I have to call my dad."–Voice message from successful job applicant who started her job 45 hours after using our service

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